Company Profile

We are a professional employment agency based in Plzeň with years of experience on the market. We do business throughout the Czech Republic and deal with the hiring of the workforce. Are you looking for vacant job offers and offers from the Labour Office do not meet your expectations? Try cooperating with us! All pursuant to the valid Labour Code in force!

We know how important a job is for people's happiness and for the happiness of their families. This is the manner in which we approach our clients and employees. We are aware of the fact that your satisfaction also contributes to our success. We focus on the area of human resources and the provision of services. Our top priorities include high professionalism and proper relations with our customers. The result is complex personnel service and a completely individual approach to every customer, entirely according to their needs. 

Offer of Services

Our main product is the provision of HR services using temporarily assigned employees from our agency. This means the short-term and long-term hire of our workers according to our client's needs and requirements. It allows our customers to flexibly change the number of workers in production, logistics and other departments, in accordance with legal standards.

The candidates for individual job positions are selected from a large database of applicants, based on personal interviews, according to the criteria defined by the customer. We provide our customers with employees who are able to acquire the necessary skills for performing the specific work activity in a very short time. Our top priorities include high professionalism and proper relations with our customers. The result is comprehensive personnel service.

Why should you choose our agency?

  • Individual approach
  • Flexible assurance of workers in periods of increasing demands, seasonal work and intermittent situations, whenever you need to increase your workforce for any reason
  • Comprehensive personnel services
  • We save you costs related to the personnel, administrative and wage agenda
  • We save you time in looking for new workers and solving situations arising from work-legal relationships 

For Applicants

We will help you find the right job and assign you to perform work for one of our customers in the automotive industry, engineering, plastic production, food processing, metal production or the textile industry, depending on your qualifications. The work is usually long-term. We assign employees to all blue collar professions and crafts (assembly workers, pressers, welders, locksmiths, machinists, fork-lift drivers, etc.).

We offer job opportunities throughout the Czech Republic

If you meet the qualification conditions and are interested in the job offer, we will enter into a proper Employment Agreement or an Agreement on a Work Activity with you. Furthermore, we will write a proper Instruction for the temporary performance of work, clarifying the user and terms and conditions of the assignment. 

For Companies

Do you need to secure a workforce for a specific time period, but you don't want to deal with the recruitment of new employees?

We offer you an effective and flexible use of workforce by means of temporarily assigning employees, not only during times of fluctuation in production. We find the right candidates for you, according to your specifications and requirements. We provide our business partners with comprehensive services. Our employment agency emphasises an individual approach and a flexible solution according to the client's needs. We guarantee the control of our employees on a regular basis.

We will ensure the following for you

  • We look for workers corresponding to your needs
  • We thoroughly verify the workers' knowledge and skills
  • We ensure all administration related to new hires
  • We take full responsibility for the work-legal obligations
  • We keep and process the wage agenda
  • We control our workers and check their work statements on a regular basis


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